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Unusual Japanese porcelain figural sculpture, Kutani style, of a provocative rendition of Maneki Neko
7-1/4” High
Early 20th Century
Japanese Ceramic Tamba aka-dobe tokkuri,
Red Clay Bottle
13" High x 6" in Diameter
Edo period, Circa 1650
Wax Bean Jar UA03122
Japanese Wax Bean Yumino Jar
13-1/2" High
Edo Period. Circa 1800
Japanese Porcelain Maneki Neko, the good fortune beckoning shop cat
8-1/4” High
Early 20th Century
Japanese Porcelain Maneki Neko (beckoning shop cat)
9-1/2” High x 4” Deep x 3-3/4” Wide
Early 20th Century
Japanese Porcelain figure of Maneki Neko, the beckoning shop cat,
9-1/2” High. Early 20th Century.
Japanese Tamba ware katatsuki chaire by the acclaimed tea ceramist Ichino Shinsui (1932- 1997)
3-1/4” High x 2-1/4” in Diameter
20th Century
Japanese Abura-zara (oil plate), Seto Kilns
8-1/2 in. Diameter.
Edo Period, circa 1850
Japanese Takatori ware chaire, the cylindrical body tapering inward to meet a rolled rim
3-1/4” High x 2” in Diameter
20th Century
Japanese Oribe Style Ceramic Abura-zara
9-1/2" in Diameter
Circa 1890
Japanese Bizen ware bunrin chaire by Toho Kimura
2-1/2” High x 2-3/4” in Diameter
20th Century
NH21018 Japanese Bizen ware ceramic water dropper in the shape of a crouching rabbit
2-1/2” High x 3-1/4” Long x 2-1/8” Wide
19th Century

Japanese Bizen water dropper in the molded form of a pine cone
1-1/4 inches high x 3 inches long x 2 inches wide
Meiji period, circa 1900
Japanese ceramic water dropper, squat globular vase form with stout body
3-1/4 inches high x 3-1/4 inches in diameter
Late 19th century

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