UH80035 Laotian Wood Buddha Image, Luang Prabang State (1791-1889), carved of a single piece of dense hardwood covered in a thin red lacquer and gold leaf, the figure is seated in the padmasana cross legged where the toes meet the knees, square shoulders having long thin arms with long fingered hands in the bhumisparsa mudra (earth touching gesture) where the left hand is resting on the right foot at an exaggerated right angle and the right hand extends over the right knee with the fingertips just touching the sole of his left foot, the simple robe is depicted by incised lines for the robe diagonally across the chest and back and the sash in the center of the body, front and back, as well as cuffs on both ankles and the left wrist, the elongated face with pronounced nose and crescent moon eyebrows, partially closed eyes, protruding mouth closed with a slight smile in a blissful state of meditation, the ears pointed and the earlobes gracefully long and curved, the hair in linear curls with a bun usnisa having a finial supported by four protruding spears, further adorned with a single metal bell at the neck. The underside revealing a cut away rectangular shaped tenon, for the purpose of affixing the image to a pedestal base. Condition: wear to the gold leaf surface at the corners, the left earlobe broken away, the finial tip broken off, skuff down to the wood core at the right hip, the tip of the nose, and the tip of the big toe of the left foot, minor crack at the ankles and torso, otherwise remarkably fine state.
Measuring: 9-5/8 inches high x 6-1/4 inches wide x 4 inches deep.
Weight: 1lb. 14oz.
Luang Prabang State (1791-1889)

Ex Collection: Sally Fall, San Diego.

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