UG71039 Japanese Gilt Wood Image of Kannon otherwise known as Avalokiteshvara (sanskrit), the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Composed of three sections crafted from assembled wood all gessoed, lacquered and gold leafed. The central image depicted seated cross legged with hands palm up in the lap, clothed in layered flowing robes, hair drawn up into a tall chignon and covered with a cowl and adorned with a gilt metal tiara, gentle, refined features, attenuated earlobes signifying her divinity. The stand on which the image sits is a lotus throne atop an elaborate tiered dais. The image is complete with a large mandorla back drop having a carved cloud pattern surround.
Edo Period, 19th Century.
Condition: Right hand replaced, minor losses, age cracks, signs of wear, overall fine.
Measuring: 25 in. high x 13 in. wide x 9-1/2 wide, the image 10 in. high.
Weight: 5 lbs.

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