TA06002 South Indian carved wood sculpture depicting the Hindu deity of Nandi, a recumbent black bull figure, known within the Hindu faith as the vehicle for Siva, often depicted in sculpture in a Hindu temple facing Lord Siva, often prayed to as a wish-fulfiller, carved from assembled dense hardwood covered in a rich black pigment, garland beaded adornments around the neck, horns, chest, buttocks and ankles, strung with brass bells, wood, coconut and horn beads, forehead decorated with a detailed round silver repoussé mount, the bull well carved with thick neck, short horns, wide eyes, benign mouth, open nostrils, legs folded underneath body, long tail curled to his right, all supported on a large rectangular waist pedestal serving as the base with black and yellow lotus type painting. Fine condition. The bull with pedestal measure: 35” high x 16-1/4” deep. x 31” wide. The contemporary metal corner legs add an additional 6” in height. Circa 1920.


Note: Nandi is usually portrayed as a white bull, however the tradition in Southern India is for a Black Bull to be depicted. Similar depictions can be found in black stone near Bangalore. This Nandi figure was probably made as a devotional object for a small temple complex in the region nearby.

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