Khmer Sandstone Linga sculpture,

EH50028 Khmer squat globular stoneware jarlet in the form of an owl covered in a brown glaze stopping short of the elevated string cut foot displaying the beige biscuit, an owl’s beak and eyes in relief on the shoulder and a relief suggestion of tail feathers on the opposing side, incised concentric rings around the mouth and vertical lines on the body. tail feathers and base chipped, glaze frits otherwise good condition. 2-1/4" High x 3" in Diameter. 12th Century.
Ex Collection: Miss C. Margaret Goldney, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent.
For other examples of Khmer bird pots see: H. Fujiwara, Khmer ceramics from the Kamratan Collection in the Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum, Kyoto, 1990, pp.74-79.
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