UH80042 Burmese Bronze Relic Chamber Effigy Figure of the Lord Buddha, having a mandorla in the shape of a Bodhi tree leaf, a reference to the tree in which he meditated under to receive enlightenment, one of “Twenty-eight Buddha” renderings known to have been found in relic chambers since Pagan times. This miniature figure is depicted in padmasana, (interlocking legs position) and the hand mudra in bhumisparsa (earth touching), incised detail depicting facial features with heavy eyelids, bulging pupils, pointed nose, arched eyebrows full lips, attenuated earlobes extending along the length of the short neck, lotus bud spire usnisa at the top of the head, all resting on a simple raised base, the surface encrusted with with verdigris and adhesions.
Condition: Object roughly scraped clean from excavation, otherwise fine.
Measuring: 3-5/8 inches high x 1-3/8 inches wide x 3/4 of an inch deep.
Weight: 2.25 oz.
18th century.
Ex Collection: Sally Fall, San Diego.

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