UH80041 Burmese Bronze Buddha for domestic use, a seated image of Lord Buddha depicted in padmasana, (interlocking legs position) and the hand mudra in bhumisparsa (earth touching) wherein the right hand resting over the left foot with the fingers extending beyond the right shin and the left hand palm up resting on the right foot, incised detail depicting facial features with heavy eyelids, bulging pupils, pointed nose, arched eyebrows full lips, attenuated earlobes extending along the length of the short neck, domed usnisa at the top of the head and the hairline ending in a point at the back of the neck, the robe simply delineated by a few incised lines, all resting on a simple raised and waisted base, the surface encrusted with with verdigris and rust.
Condition: Sign of age otherwise fine.
Measuring: 3-3/4 inches high x 2 inches wide x 1-1/2 inches deep.
Weight: 5 oz.
Lower Chindwin District, Colonial Era (1885-1941).
Ex Collection: Sally Fall, San Diego.

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