EH60012 Burmese Karen Frog Drum, tribute drum in bronze, often called “rain drums” referring to their function of being sounded to call for rain, finely ornamented with two stacked frogs placed at four equidistant points on the tympanum, center decorated with a 16 pointed relief star, surrounded by 16 decorated bands including birds, flowers and fish, side double strap handles used to suspend the drum when struck, side with several decorated bands on the body and near the base, bearing a decorated raised procession of two elephants down one seamless side, two unadorned relief “seams”. Variegated dark greenish bronze patina. Minor signs of wear, various small dents, overall fine condition. 15-1/4" h. x 21-7/8" in dia. Late 19th Century.
Ex collection: Michel Renard, Malta (purchased in Vientiane, Laos 1961).

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